simply linkin & connectin

They draw with chalk of rough cement floors.

Simply I sit, watch and learn.

& document.  The chalk drawings have become a coloring in book for the elderly and children in the other building.

The result: a coloring in book that connects 2 buildings that are completly disconnected, but on the same ashram. The floor drawings are photographed    I digitally transfer & thicken the lines. Then I print the book! Very Local very non- digital. A lot of smiles!

Still in Ujjain India  – learning Hindi in the local government school – Lekoda village – look it up on a map …..eeek

Still photo bombing.
Finally goat woman

patternsbehind the scenesStill looking at craft and art in hidden spaces – coffee shop on a dirt road

And there still visitng amazing organisations that are developing and sustaining art and culture in a contemporary sense:


The scroll painting and singing storytelling  by the patua community from West Bengal

An amazing social practice sustainable  fashion space in Mumbai – Obataimu


chalk + A BIT MORE

There is always something to draw on and someone who is wants to play.
Sewadham Ashram


Theses women draw with chalk on the floors, Locked up and often locked in their minds.

womenCrayonImagine holding a crayon with color for the first time in your life and watching the color fill the shapes.

Or there is a the added benefit of photobombing.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.34.32 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.36.24 PM

My first coloring in book. Locals from Nth Atlantic Ave, Nth Long Beach. They droppped into the 6021 Shop front or I met them on the street. If you want one just send me an email  and I’ll send one.      Donations welcome!!!!


6021 india or bust

Never give up that is my motto. It started as a morning walk and wanting to connect when you can’t speak the language. Take a photo – and give them a hard copy.

2 women in the local village – I met them caryying dung out to the road.
I returned and was invited into the house or just grateful for a smile.
Just saying not everyone has a phone and how many get to keep an object as memory.

Then I started photgraphing the process by placing the photo in context.

Is this Art or what am I doing?

Volunteering in India is a bit confrontational. Sewadham Ashram is truley amazing but also extremely confrontational space, place..
It is an NGO – (non government organisation) which means this fantastic man and his family have spent their lives offering a safe place for untouchables, homeless, mentally disturbed, physically disabled and just people who are not wanted. e.g. women who are divorced. Sprinkled amoung these 500 people are a few very ‘normal ‘ children.
Hmmm…… Indians do not like to volunteer because they are always looking after their very central family – not time right – total hogwash! They need volunteers to maintain the Ashram and Indians do not even give money to beggars on the street – not appropriate.

So how relevent can Art be in a space like this? A huge and simple challenge.
Chalk for drawing on the cement – erasable and delightfully non confrontational.
The delight at seeing an older woman just entranced with what she is doing – time out!!

I spent time doing the same with kids in a different space and took coloring in books and crayons for other women who could not get out of bed – Have you ever seen a woman hold a crayon who did not know the pressure would create a smudge of color – astoundingly simple and wonderfully surprising and delightful!

Then it was back to the streets and giving out photographs and delighting in the smiles.


6021’s final yahoo!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 6.51.13 PM6021 final month was full of great performances and events!

UNPLUGGED 7 –  performances on Metro Transit Bus 62 in Nth Long Beach: Many thanks
GRISELDA SEURAZ AND MARCO SCHINDelMANN rocked the audience with poetry and opera on Friday the 8th!

A bit of Guerrilla Art – is still hanging on Broadway Ave near Termino Ave Nth Long Beach – care of a man in a black sweater and his accomplish.

With a Mural in Cambodia Town I bought some color – got to love the synchronicity  – it’s on the Metro Transit Hub  cnr Cherry and Anaheim, Long Beach. Think about it Cambodia mural on Long Beach transit and Unplugged on Long Beach transit!


I am in India but 3 wonderful artists have taken over the 6021 space  Cynthia Lujan

I hope they carry on the good work!!!

6.2.2017 unplugged 6 performing in local buses

Hello all you Long Beach Locals
join us this Friday for unplugged performances!


Unplugged performers in buses on June 2nd – First Friday!

Connecting Nth Long Beach with Bixby Knolls First Friday.
Meet at the Michelle Obama Library : 5870 Atlantic Ave
& be entertained by Desi Ramone!!-
#Storytellers #musicians #poets #singers #opera
we want you to ride the buses for free with us!
Ride the buses in nth Long beach! #longbeach #lbartist #lbmetro See you this Friday 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Desi Ramone

First and foremost, Desi Ramone is a performance artist. Yes, he writes and sings his original songs but a far cry from the normal humdrum singer/songwriter act.
Standing at 6ft 2 in classic western wear, Desi mixes up his
45 set like a toss salad. Covers and originals to the beats of Surf, Bo Diddly, Hooker Blues, Folk, Powerpop, Honky Tonk. It’s played all on his Gibson Acoustic through Fender Deluxe amp with one purpose … to get you dancing.

In March 2017 Desi released his single “Red And Yellow Roses” available to buy today on cdbaby


Jackpot it’s NASH


Nash preyingMantis

Local photographer Nash Keanu Jacquez documents urban environments through is photography.   6021 is proud to show his work in our space.

Nash has spent many hours, days and years riding his bike and photographing North Long Beach and urban landscapes. As a local photographer he has decided to take us to Las Vegas, connecting 2 disparate yet seemingly connected environment  drop by pick up his zine and connect with the community in North Long Beach.


Join us for a celebration of his work on May 20th at 6021



His work is at

Unplugged 5 Rocks the Buses

Unplugged 5 was amazing.


Sandy Seufert  on her fiddle managed to jam with a teen ukulele player on a bus stop.

Young teens rapped to Sandy’s music on the bus. We all  laughed and grooved.

Ben from Germany improvised on an out of tune piano.

Local Jake performed attention grabbing poetry with great applause.

Angelica joined the group, shared her story bringing many family members and performed her poetry.

theGroup Unplugged5
View the video at vimeo:

theGroup Unplugged5
We even spent a good hour wandering the local Bixby Knolls First Friday – connecting neighborhoods in Long Beach through the Arts
Congratulations to all we took the Arts to the public and activated public spaces, mixing the high and the low, the educated and cultured!

Thank you all!
see you next month!

6021 Shopfront studio.


4.7.2017 unplugged 5 on public buses




Friday 4-7-2017      5:30pm-7pm
meet at the Michelle Obama Library

Join us for our 5th Event  – unplugged performances on local North Long Beach buses
5870 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805


Sandy Seufert

Sandy Seufert began her musical life on the cello and has performed with the Culver City Symphony Orchestra the past 20 years. But in 2001, she started an inspired journey on the violin to explore her Swedish heritage and to give life to the beautiful and complex music from that region. Now Sandy performs at monthly local Scandinavian dances and at cultural events around Southern California. This past summer she went on her first visit to Sweden and had the chance to play alongside folk music icons in the midnight sun. Sandy is now composing new tunes in the Swedish tradition and regularly shares her joy for this music and traditions.


Ron Mendola