simply linkin & connectin

They draw with chalk of rough cement floors.

Simply I sit, watch and learn.

& document.  The chalk drawings have become a coloring in book for the elderly and children in the other building.

The result: a coloring in book that connects 2 buildings that are completly disconnected, but on the same ashram. The floor drawings are photographed    I digitally transfer & thicken the lines. Then I print the book! Very Local very non- digital. A lot of smiles!

Still in Ujjain India  – learning Hindi in the local government school – Lekoda village – look it up on a map …..eeek

Still photo bombing.
Finally goat woman

patternsbehind the scenesStill looking at craft and art in hidden spaces – coffee shop on a dirt road

And there still visitng amazing organisations that are developing and sustaining art and culture in a contemporary sense:


The scroll painting and singing storytelling  by the patua community from West Bengal

An amazing social practice sustainable  fashion space in Mumbai – Obataimu


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