6021 india or bust

Never give up that is my motto. It started as a morning walk and wanting to connect when you can’t speak the language. Take a photo – and give them a hard copy.

2 women in the local village – I met them caryying dung out to the road.
I returned and was invited into the house or just grateful for a smile.
Just saying not everyone has a phone and how many get to keep an object as memory.

Then I started photgraphing the process by placing the photo in context.

Is this Art or what am I doing?

Volunteering in India is a bit confrontational. Sewadham Ashram is truley amazing but also extremely confrontational space, place..
It is an NGO – (non government organisation) which means this fantastic man and his family have spent their lives offering a safe place for untouchables, homeless, mentally disturbed, physically disabled and just people who are not wanted. e.g. women who are divorced. Sprinkled amoung these 500 people are a few very ‘normal ‘ children.
Hmmm…… Indians do not like to volunteer because they are always looking after their very central family – not time right – total hogwash! They need volunteers to maintain the Ashram and Indians do not even give money to beggars on the street – not appropriate.

So how relevent can Art be in a space like this? A huge and simple challenge.
Chalk for drawing on the cement – erasable and delightfully non confrontational.
The delight at seeing an older woman just entranced with what she is doing – time out!!

I spent time doing the same with kids in a different space and took coloring in books and crayons for other women who could not get out of bed – Have you ever seen a woman hold a crayon who did not know the pressure would create a smudge of color – astoundingly simple and wonderfully surprising and delightful!

Then it was back to the streets and giving out photographs and delighting in the smiles.



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